What I Do

The majority of my growing years were spent traveling and living in various countries and continents. It was through this experience that I gained a great deal of knowledge about life and the world, and this is what I share with readers. 

I write articles about women and for women. Contributions include Bustle, TheEverygirl, Hello Giggles, Yourtango, Suitcase Magazine, Woman’s Day, 9Honey, International LivingMagazine, Huffington Post, and Dutch Review.


Examples of mental health articles: 

The Everygirl: Are Your Goals Truly What You Want? Here’s How To Tell

Hello Giggles: Here Are 13 Things You Can Do To Love Mondays, According To Experts


Examples of travel articles:

“Netherlands: 10 Things I Love.” 

Suitcase Magazine: Beyond Amsterdam: 10 Reasons to Visit Groningen

Dutch Review: How to Make Friends With Dutch Bikers


Examples of sex/love articles: 

YourTango: 7 Ways to Stop Being the Wife Men Always Complain About 

YourTango: 10 Small But Powerful Ways To Stay Independent in a Relationship


You need someone who can engage your readers with something new and fresh, so I’m here to help you with that! You can contact me here.

Want to check out more of my work? Click here to view my portfolio, or here to view more articles.