Yourtango: 10 Small But Powerful Ways To Stay Independent In A Relationship (And Build A Stronger, Deeper Love)

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Being in a relationship doesn’t have to mean letting go of who you are.

The beginning stages of a relationship are like walking into a cave full of glitter, roses, and lots of sex. But eventually, once we understand how to have a healthy relationship, we must emerge from that cave with our eyes squinting at the light and rejoin the world. 

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International Living Magazine: Living the Dream

Click here to view this article: Living the Dream About this article: International Living Magazine is a publication that does articles about retiring overseas. I interviewed my own parents for the “Living the Dream” segment of the magazine. When I was 17 years old, my parents retired to Ecuador (taking me with them) and after a […]

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Dutch Review: 5 Reasons I Love FEBO

Click here to view the original article: 5 Reasons I Love FEBO About this article: FEBO is a popular fast food restaurant in Netherlands. It’s a wall of boxes with food inside and you can insert money to get this food, similar to a vending machine. This is a favorite of Dutch people and tourists love to […]

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House of Troy: Winter Bandage Dresses

Click here to view this article: House of Troy: Winter Bandage Dresses About this article: This is one of the first articles I wrote a couple of years before diving into freelance writing full time. I worked for this dress company writing blog posts about some of their pieces and I really had fun with it. […]

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