I Went to a Naked Spa and It Gave Me Confidence

I live in Netherlands now, and have noticed the numerous differences between Europe and the United States. One of these is the fact that in many saunas/spas, you are required to go in your birthday suit.

In the U.S. we have no problem putting half-naked people on huge billboards and all over magazines. But, tell a group of Americans to strip down naked in front of each other and they’ll look at you with the same horror I reserve for bathrooms at nightclubs. In Europe, nudity is seen as natural rather than the hyper-sexualized way it’s portrayed in American television and movies.

I put my apprehension and fear aside to step into an experience so far out of my comfort zone that it became a minuscule dot in the distance, only visible with military grade binoculars. The experience: a naked spa. Shock! Horror!

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