Yourtango: How To Tell If You’re Stuck In A Toxic Pursuer-Distancer Relationship (And 7 Ways To Break Free)

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Whether you’re the pursuer or the distancer, it’s not healthy.

You’re sitting on the couch after a long day. Your turn to your partner to talk about your day in great detail. You touch his shoulder and try to cuddle him. He keeps his eyes firmly on the TV and you get angry at him for his lack of attentive listening. He suddenly gets up and goes to his office, saying he still has some work to do. You stay on the couch feeling upset and neglected or even follow him to his office to ask him why he’s being so distant lately. 

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Yourtango: 10 Small But Powerful Ways To Stay Independent In A Relationship (And Build A Stronger, Deeper Love)

Click here to view this article: Yourtango Being in a relationship doesn’t have to mean letting go of who you are. The beginning stages of a relationship are like walking into a cave full of glitter, roses, and lots of sex. But eventually, once we understand how to have a healthy relationship, we must emerge from that cave […]

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