I Went to a Naked Spa and It Gave Me Confidence

I live in Netherlands now, and have noticed the numerous differences between Europe and the United States. One of these is the fact that in many saunas/spas, you are required to go in your birthday suit.

In the U.S. we have no problem putting half-naked people on huge billboards and all over magazines. But, tell a group of Americans to strip down naked in front of each other and they’ll look at you with the same horror I reserve for bathrooms at nightclubs. In Europe, nudity is seen as natural rather than the hyper-sexualized way it’s portrayed in American television and movies.

I put my apprehension and fear aside to step into an experience so far out of my comfort zone that it became a minuscule dot in the distance, only visible with military grade binoculars. The experience: a naked spa. Shock! Horror!

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Determine Your Own Story

You shouldn’t wear that. You should smile more. Why are you doing it that way? Do it this way. You’re not working hard enough. You’re working too hard. You’re fat, lose some weight. You’re too skinny. You’re not attractive. You’re only getting ahead because of your looks. You’ can’t do that. You’re not that nice […]

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The Alsace Region: A Real Life Fairytale

An Impending European Apocalypse My boyfriend and I spent the two weeks before our trip completely worried about the weather, and obsessively checking the forecast. We had originally planned to go back to the Harz Mountains in Germany; it was one of our favorite previous trips. But as our vacation came closer the forecast went […]

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Netherlands: 10 Things I Love

I recently celebrated my one year anniversary of living in Netherlands and I have gotten to know the country and it’s people quite well (some people very well, hint hint.) I have come to love it here, even on the rainiest days of the year! (Did the rain part sound believable?)

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