About Me

I’m a full-time writer and a part-time nomad. At 17 years old I moved to Ecuador and spent 5 years teaching English and from there spent many years traveling and living around Europe. It was through these experiences that I learned about life and the world, and this is what I share with readers.

I’ve gone from trekking through the Amazon to perilous journeys on trains through Eastern Europe to dancing all night in a Ukranian night club.

Two years ago, I took the plunge and settled down in Netherlands with my very own Dutchie. 

I have a passion for personal development/mental health, and this is what I specialize in.

I’ve recently been published in Bustle, Hello Giggles, The Everygirl, Yourtango, Suitcase Magazine, Bad Yogi Magazine, International Living Magazine, Huffington Post, Dutch Review, Woman’s Day NZ, and Nine Honey Australia.

I’m currently a senior writer for Bad Yogi.

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