Procrastination and Laziness is Not What You Should Worry About

No, saying you shouldn’t worry about procrastination or laziness is not to tell you it’s perfectly fine and to let you off the hook. What I’m saying is procrastination itself is not the problem. Fear and the constant cycle of “what if…” is the problem.

Fear leads to stagnation.

Fear leads to inaction.

Fear leads to a life on the couch, scrolling the internet, watching other people lead amazing lives, and feeling terrible because you’re too afraid to do the same.

But, here’s the thing: You can do the same thing.

You can lead an amazing life.

You can be successful.

You can be happy.

It all starts with the decision to make life happen rather than letting life happen to you. When I was 17 I found myself in a foreign country, and in an abusive relationship that lasted five very long years. Five years. That’s five years of my life that I wasted. I spent five years allowing someone else to dictate how I felt. I allowed someone else to take away every ounce of happiness I had in me.

I spent five years thinking I would suffer in depression for the rest of my life. I thought my life would consist of nothing but suffering and walking on egg shells every minute of everyday.

But, one fateful New Years Eve, I decided I had had enough. I realized that life did not have to be like this. Life could be happy. Life could be exciting. My life could be my own.

Your life is your own and it’s time you realize that nobody else can control your happiness unless you allow them to. It’s the scariest and best thing in the world when you realize that you have the power. You have the control. It’s your decision what your life becomes.

Imagine you’re in a boat in the middle of a lake. Taking control of your life and actions is the difference between having oars or allowing the current to push you where it wants you to go.

We were not put on this earth to be unhappy. Just think for a minute about how big the universe is. We don’t even know half of what is going on out there. You, as a human being, are part of this crazy, unexplainable, miracle that none of us can comprehend. If you’re unhappy, you are wasting that opportunity that you were given.

I realized that after wasting five years of my life being a victim, I had always had the power to change my own circumstances. Much like Dorothy with her red shoes, you’ve had the power within you all this time.

Have you ever heard that quote about the days being long but the years being short? Imagine that you’re on your death bed right now, and there is nothing you can do to stop dying. How would that feel? Do not fear death. Fear a life not lived to its full potential.

Think about all the bad days you’ve had. If you’re on your death bed you would be pretty upset to have wasted them. Maybe it’s not just a bad day; maybe you feel like you have a bad life.

You’re taking the world’s most amazing, most expensive, most unique gift, and throwing it in the trash. You will literally never have this moment or this day back ever again.

What forced me to make the decision to start calling the shots in my life? I realized I still had things to do. I still had goals to accomplish. I realized my life was mine and mine alone. I made a vow that I would never again allow anyone to influence my feelings again.

So, if you’re in a shitty job, shitty relationship, or shitty situation, realize this: Nobody else gives a shit. They may act empathetic, and listen to you, but their life revolves around them. Five minutes later they’ll be back to thinking about their own problems and their own lives.

That is exactly why you need to start caring about yourself and your life, because nobody else will, at least not as much as you. Be 100% honest with yourself, and don’t give bullshit excuses because you still know the truth deep down.

Is there anything you can do right now to change your life? Is there some small action you can take to get the ball rolling? A question you can ponder to get to know yourself and what you really want?

Take that action now, and don’t waste another minute of your life living in fear, and calling it procrastination or laziness.

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